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Played lots of music styles. Recent performing credits include:


  • Paul Buchanan (The Blue Nile) . . .See You Tube link below


  • Jethro (Congolese/Jazz Fusion band) 

  • Country bands (Redcanyon and Shooter) . . .See You Tube link below 

  • Loch Lomond Folk Festival (Mary K Burke)

  • Mary Kiani (Soul/Funk/Pop)

  • Various Blues Bands (mainly with 3 Card Trick as expanded for blues gigs) . . .See live blues gig link below  

  • Jazz Duo/Trio  (Before he emigrated I played with Jim Flynn who is now called 'The Australian Frank Sinatra' 

  • Classical music 

  • Celtic music

Accompanying Paul Buchanan on his 2012 European Tour mainly 'Mid Air' Album and some The Blue Nile songs 

Live with country band Shooter at Great North Festival 

Live blues with Fraser John Lindsay Band

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